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Thanks, Lew. This is another busy week at TPW site with turners and the videos are also informative again.  I did appreciate Kent's views and almost completely agree with him.  I prefer the traditional tools in certain situations, and in other situations, I like the scrapers.  And, I also agree that traditional tools cut more cleanly.  My EWT round nose is a hog, but with a good sharp spindle gouge, I can get along just as fine except that I have to stop sometimes and sharpen.  These are always fun to read and view.  

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Apologize for just getting back here. Thanks for all of the nice comments.


@Gunny Thank You!

@FlGatorwood Thanks! There are a few things for which I don't use my Easy Wood Tools. Rounding larger blanks and getting the bark off of green bowls.


@HandyDan Thank You! And thanks for the information about the Wood Turners Finish.


@AndrewB Thanks!


@Larry Buskirk Sorry to hear about the snow blower! Our last snow was the fluffy stuff. May change my mind about how mine works when we get the slushy snow.


@RustyFN Now that's a snow machine!

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