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seafood risotto - My own

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This is not some exotic original dish.  there are millions of seafood risottos,  But I made this one up

Friday night is date night and I cook.  This was on the menue tonight with  Steamed artichokes steamed with  salt butter  pepper and garlic powder.

And a nice Chardonnay




For two very  generous servings


half pound each monkfish, small bay scallops, small sweet shrimp

10 or 12 cockles in the shell

1 large Leek cleaned and cut in length wise quarters then sliced thinly

2/2 to 1/3 of a Fennel diced. (Egg shaped fennels are best)

One fistfull of Spring onion ( green onion) sliced thinly

2 Roma tomatoes cored and seeded. Sliced into pieces. Roma only because I  put this together in January and that's what is good in the store. If it's summer  get whatever you like.

1 & 3/4 cup arborio rice

1 quart of home made chicken & Vegetable stock preferably so dense it’s a partial gel at room temp

Some water to add to the rice as needed when the stock is consumed.

Salt pepper crushed red pepper to taste.

Butter, heavy cream, and olive oil


clean the shrimp take both digestive veins out (yes shrimp have two; one in the belly one on the back) then cut them into half inch pieces

Clean the scallops under strong running water to get the sand out and pull off the little muscle. If you bought large day boat scallops then cut them up too.

Clean and cut the monkfish into half inch pieces


Steam the cockles open and barely cook the other seafood in the stock and set aside in the fridge.


Saute the vegies in butter and olive oil leaving off (uncooked) the tomatoes and green part of the scallion.. Do not saute the green part of the scallion or the tomatoes.

Leave some tooth on the vegies & set aside

Sprinkle in the crushed red pepper salt and pepper.


Rinse the rice and put it in a pan with just enough stock to cover. Add a couple table spoons butter. Put the heat on and get it simmering slowly Barely simmering.

Cover the rice.

There is a chefy-myth that says you gotta constantly stir the rice. That’s pure bollox.

Return to the pan every so often as the liquid will be taken up and you don’t want the rice to burn. Add liquid as needed, stir in. Keep an eye on the pot.

Salt and pepper as taste dictates.

When the quart of stock is gone resort to water as needed. You could use white wine or more stock if you want.

Sample the rice after about 40 minutes. Some tooth is OK lots of tooth is not.

When almost done stir in a table spoon or two of heavy cream.

When you call it done add the vegies HOLD THE TOMATO AND GREEN SCALLION PARTS yet still.

Put the cockles back on to steam to warm then and hold them aside

Combine the seafood in the rice. Allow the rice to re heat the seafood Turn the Fire OFF.

Mix the green scallion in.

Ladle into large soup style bowls. Garnish with the tomato and cockles.



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