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new laptop for the missus

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Got my lovely missus a new laptop  n asus studio book .  it came pre loaded with Win 10.

I  started Win 10 up o it and in the  blizzard of stupid questions micorsoft's politburo  asked me was a question about advertisements.

Seems  you can have them spy on you to tailor advertisements to  more meet your  detected preferences.

If you don't  specify    they will just blast advertisements at  you.


So let me see if I have this right.

Microsoft makes the most vulnerable  virus prone  unstable   vulnerable to malware operating system  on the planet AND AND AND they want to use it to push  advertisements thus turning the customer  into  the product like one of Fank Tyson's chickens.


That feels like Mark Zuckerberg's  ploy.  Lure people  in with  inflated empty promises and then turn them into  cat food.


Any of you win 10 users  out there know anything about these adverts?  Just curious.


Doesn't matter really  because I won't be keeping  Gate's poisonous  software. I'll burn it  out and install linux.


I won't have microsoft in my home on anything.

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Here's how to turn it all off-



Use https://duckduckgo.com/ search engine 


I tried to learn Linux way back when it first started but couldn't get the hang of it. I know the newer distributions are easier to use. I wonder if they still have trouble with the drivers for some of the MS hardware. 

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When i got my new computer, i made sure it was NOT connected to the internet on the first bootup.   With that in mind, i put in the ID i wanted to use and do NOT have a MS userid and was able to configure almost everything the way I prefer.   I don't get ads from them on my desktop at all and have slowed the updates they push out (helps let them get their sh!t  together before i get my machine hosed by them).   I do run Zonealarm AV and other stuff although the computer came loaded with MS av and some scammy McAfee stuff that i never use.   Since i run ad-block on my browsers, i usually never see ads there.   I NEVER use MS browser since it's just a messed up version of google's crap.


I use Firefox and Thunderbird for most of my browser and email stuff.

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