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Friday January 22nd-2021-What's on Your Weekend Agenda?

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Whoa, there - that sounds like management!

Wet and kinda crappy.  Arrived at work, boss is back from vacation, and in good mood.  After yesterday's disaster I had braced for impact. Especially when I walked in with my arm in a sling.  

You're not alone, Gene. There's a LOT of us in the same boat!

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10 hours ago, Artie said:

Once, when troubleshooting a circuit that had stopped working, I found a squirrel in the attic with the Romex (shorted out and melted) in it’s mouth. Think I had barbecued chicken for lunch that day :) .


I found about 4' of romex stripped clean in the attic of a friends Wausau Home (Pre-Fab). She stated the lights started to flicker. I had to lift insulation to find the mess. Couldn't believe an animal could strip that much insulation off the wiring without tripping a breaker, or getting electrocuted. I've read the reason animals go after the insulation is because it is a Soy based plastic.

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