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9 hours ago, AndrewB said:

Nice post @lew now just trying to do some research on resin molds.  Getting the pressure pot set up for the first test run soon.

I buy the cheap white cutting boards at sams club. I cut to whatever shape I need and screw them together. I have one for pen blanks and one for bottle stoppers.

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@RustyFN yea the cutting boards is what I was utlimately going to lean towards since they are cheaper than dirt on amazon.  I just picked up a couple of them I still have a bit of resin left from the stuff I bought the small order of it so that will work for the resin test run once I get a mold made.  Going to make one long enough for an ornament blank at least for this test run.

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13 hours ago, AndrewB said:

trying to do some research on resin molds

I've seen the folks at Alumilite use this stuff and hot glue to create custom molds. Corrugated plastic, you can get it at most Borgs and it's pretty inexpensive- 



Also, as @RustyFN pointed out, the cutting board material works great and is strong enough to be reusable


Here's a guy to watch on YouTube who does a lot of resin casting. This video is about making a mold -


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@AndrewB Thank You! Hope you post some pictures of the molds you make.


@Gerald Thanks! maybe in time the contrast will be greater.


@FlGatorwood Thank You!


@HandyDan Thanks! I had to be really careful not to sand over the edge.


@Masonsailor Thank You!


@RustyFN Thanks! Our adopted son owns a restaurant and is required to replace his plastic cutting boards on a regular basis. I get the old ones!


@Cal Thank You!



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Yea I just got the cutting boards today so once I get my new saw blade I plan on making some molds up.  Gonna run the test with the last bit of resin I've got left I'm thinking about making a mold blank for a 10 inch or 12 inch pepper mill not quite sure yet.  I haven't seen any resin casted pepper mills out there as of yet on youtube so that should be an interesting try out.

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