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Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! January 4, 2021

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7 minutes ago, DAB said:

900 bucks for a week class....


the money is in teaching, not in making.

Explain? You leave with a chair, and wonderful knowledge, how to properly execute the build, along with wisdom and experience parted from the instructor. Some folks need that environment. 900 dollars well spent, specially if you take that knowledge and first experience with chair making and venture out to start your own business. Sure beats college tuition!

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very few woodworkers make a living by only building and selling things they make.


most, who don't treat woodworking as a hobby, and therefore don't have to worry about earning enough to live on, have to supplement their income by teaching (as this example shows), selling plans (see Norm Abrams), maybe selling unique tools they've invented, or some combination thereof.


this is not a new idea, Sam Maloof in his book, noted this.  he was one of the very few that made his living from only the things he built and sold.


it's just an observation.


if you want to go take a class and learn a new skill, go for it.  but just understand the realities of the market.  it is very unlikely that you will take your new found knowledge and go home and start making new things and selling them to a degree sufficient to support yourself.


we've talked about this topic before.

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as for what is planned in the shop this week:  have a shooting buddy coming over tomorrow, and we are going to plan out and build him a proper reloading bench.  i've done a few previously for myself, and I took some time this weekend to make some space to work and to sketch out the basic design and joinery and material for each part.  4x4s, 2x4s, plywood is the basic list.  and screws and bolts and glue too.

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2 hours ago, DAB said:

 it is very unlikely that you will take your new found knowledge and go home and start making new things and selling them to a degree sufficient to support yourself.


Perhaps, but I'll be the first one in line to encourage anyone who wants to pursue their dream, to go for it!

I don't think many on our forum here are qualified to lecture an up and coming aspiring woodworker, regarding the pitfalls of starting and operating a full time woodworking business. There are a couple within our midst, but we are hobbyist mainly.


If I were an upcoming aspiring woodworker who wanted to make a living, I would probably search out the successful woodworkers of the world and acquire advice and insight from them.


By the way, how do you know Dab that Luke Barnett does not make a substantial living by his own work. I wouldn't pretend to know intimately how his income is derived. 


Just something to think about. 😊 Bowing out, last word if anyone wants it. 

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as he notes in the comments, he mostly sells wholesale.  that will keep the volume up, but you also give away some upside by letting someone else determine final pricing.  normal is retail = 2x wholesale.


good for him for finding a way to make a buck, but $10,000 over 6 months will give you a very modest life style.  over a year at that rate, that's $20,000.  if he's doing this full time, which is what is sounds like, preps stock at the end of the day to keep feeding it all day the next day, he's working about 2,000 hours in a year.  or he's grossing $10/hour.

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Well, SWMBO bulldozed the toilet in the handicap bathroom with her power chair.  Then claimed she didn't do it.  I could hear the tires spinning 20 feet away and went and took her hand off the control knob.  Oh, she got angry alright and I turned off the chair and pulled her out of the bathroom.  So, tomorrow, I get to pull the whole thing and replace the wax ring.  What a wonderful Monday!  


The rest of the week, I hope to get back to this chair.  Also, tossed the Christmas tree and took the bottom of the trunk to make a steamy locomotive.  A thread will be coming later.  


So happy for those who can make some money woodworking.  Actually, you can make more money flipping burgers.  Just in case you want a change in scenery.  LOL

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