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Covid 19 vaccine

Ron Altier

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I've never bought into the paranoid fantasies of many, regarding this Covid stuff. So likewise, the perceived chaos in the mitigation serum roll out doesn't give me much concern, either. We're a capit

Or find out in 2 years we started the zombie apocalypse.  

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18 hours ago, FlGatorwood said:

That's a neat website Steven, thanks for sharing that! May have to pull the trigger on a nice looking cap!

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In case any veteran wants a military discount at Home Depot, Lowe's or any other store which provides a military discount to a veteran, scan your DD 214, upload it to this site and then over to your store.  


I am about to pull the trigger on an Agent Orange hat.  VA says that we weren't there, but I know for sure that it was sprayed and we were close enough to get it.  I didn't realize at the time how dangerous it was and considered it a part of the war.  Now, my feet hurt and itch so badly and the podiatrist says that the nerves in my feet have died causing the pain and itching.  But, VA says that is not related, even to those troops on the ground.  

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49 minutes ago, FlGatorwood said:

scan your DD 214,



Umm, NO.  Last thing I need them is to have that info floating out and around there servers for who knows who to get into.  If they don't accept my VA card no problem.  Keep the discount.  


Sucks how the VA treats these guys when they good and well KNOW they were poisoned.  

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My VA card, with my picture, has always sufficed at HD and Lowes and any other place that offers Vet discounts. 

Gunny, it may be regional, but Agent Orange affected vets are cared for here. If they are sick, they get care. The VA may not officially attribute the symptoms to AO but, they get care, nonetheless.

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My sister lives in Snellville, GA and she thinks that the government is going to call her to arrange an appointment.  I wished her good luck.  LOL


Today, our governor announced that Publix, a chain grocery store with pharmacies will start administering the vaccine.  He gave a website to go to get an appointment.  It is not up yet, but early in the morning, will burn up the keyboard to see if I can get one.  And, will see if I can transfer my wife's 2nd shot to the local grocery store.  The Sacred Heart has moved from a local church to a suburb of Gulf Breeze.  The only problem is that the new 3 mile bridge across the bay was seriously damaged by barges being tied to it during hurricane Sally.  It won't be open until late March, but the appointments are next week.  At least, the folks over there won't have to drive the 40 miles one way to get their first shots.  Two of our local hospitals can't get the vaccine neither can the local health department.  The local VA now has vaccine, but getting an appointment there is as bad as the rest of the system.  

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