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Covid 19 vaccine

Ron Altier

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I've never bought into the paranoid fantasies of many, regarding this Covid stuff. So likewise, the perceived chaos in the mitigation serum roll out doesn't give me much concern, either. We're a capit

Or find out in 2 years we started the zombie apocalypse.  

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I'll be in line when my group is called.

That being said, why are the powers that be just now trying to figure out priority and who should get the shot, we've not only had 9 months to think about it, plan it, and figure it all out, we've actually had decades since disaster planning has been a thing, surely we should have had protocols in place for priority when it comes to vaccines, and again, why at the last minute?

I am also at a quandary, why are we all the sudden having shortages in hospital beds. I remember back before Summer, the docs and scientists were warning us of a huge second wave around the Holidays and flu season. You'd think for the past six months, the hospitals would have been planning for this, and have mobile ICU rooms on the ready. Just piss poor planing all around, and I don't put the blame completely on the Feds, I put most of the blame on our states and our governors.


I live in California, we have earth quakes, you telling me all this time, we have not had a disaster plan in place for when the big one hits? That our hospitals have not submitted plans to FEMA or our Governors office for how to handle the mass casualties that are earthquake victims? Or worse, our own state government has not submitted any plans to FEMA on how to handle such an onslaught of victims?

The same can be said for this virus and the big wave, if we were able to accommodate the mass casualties of a big earthquake properly, with mobile ICU's standing by, then we should have been able to accommodate the relative lighter load of a virus out break, as compared to an entire city like Los Angeles during a 9.0 quake.


This has lead me to believe, that we are truly on our own when the big one hits, the big anything, this virus is nothing compared to what could happen, this whole thing is starting to turn me into a doomsday survivalist! :lol:



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53 minutes ago, FlGatorwood said:

Pushing responsibility to the lowest level is a total cop out and an escape of responsibility.


I don't think pushing responsibility to our Governors, who govern sovereign states, who are pretty much the president of each state, is pushing the responsibility to the low man, they are the high man, our governors have more power over their states than the President or the feds do. After all, we have/had, governors who stated they would not allow the distribution of the vaccines, so we can't have it both ways, blaming the feds, yet not blaming those governors.

If you read this article on History, you'll see even the Polio vaccines had rollout problems, big problems.

And quoted "Just three years earlier, during the worst polio outbreak in U.S. history, 57,000 people were infected, 21,000 were paralyzed and 3,145 died," those numbers are in no comparison to the virus we are seeing today.



The 1955 announcement of a new vaccine was met by jubilation. But then the problems began.


The feds only have so much power, our states have more, which lands the responsibility of final distribution on the shoulders of our Governors, the feds are distributing the vaccines to the states, the states are determining how they are ultimately distributed, because the states understand their own needs far better than the feds do, that is why we have sovereignty for our states. We can't look to the feds for everything, our states are supposed to be waaay more efficient for determining what is best for its citizens.


And I can't be budged either Steven. :lol: Love ya man!



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 John,When an earthquake happens, the resources of the nation are available for a specific location. With the covid situation the whole nation is affected and the resources are spread nationwide. Most hospitals don't have the funds to suddenly provide more rooms, beds and staff. They require state and federal financial assistance. Some states took the needed action, though a bit late, while others did nothing.  With no federal plan for a national response, we ended up with each state doing their own thing until it had eventually spread nationwide. Now, we still have no national plan, some federal assistance to states but fifty different plans to beat a common problem. Why would you expect a national plan for vaccine distribution? Thank God for the effort the scientist put into developing the vaccines.

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