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Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! December 21, 2020

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36 minutes ago, John Morris said:

I just wanted to take this moment to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas


And a very happy & Merry Christmas right back atcha John!


36 minutes ago, John Morris said:

On a personal note, our Army daughter made it back home to us this past Thursday, for a two week stay with us over the Christmas Holidays. We finally have all three of our pups under the same roof again, we couldn't be more happier!


What a Christmas gift!  I am very happy to hear that she is able to be home with y'all this Christmas.  Please give her a big salute from all of us here at TPW, we honor her service.


36 minutes ago, John Morris said:

We've met our goal for our Wounded Warrior Christmas Family project!


Congrats on spearheading another successful WW Christmas Family project!


36 minutes ago, John Morris said:

the USS Kidd Veterans Museum


What a labor of love that battleship was!  It is worthy of display in a museum for sure.  I am puzzled by the flag though.  In one pic it is the stars & stripes.  In another pic all I see is the field of stars?  Is there some optical illusion at work here?  The flag also changes direction in the way it is facing.

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Got two bowls to finish off this morning, I woke up this morning to USGS alerts on my phone it seems that Kiluea Volcano has erupted so if you have any family in Hawaii Id check in.  I checked some sources internet twitter and a site and yes it did go off.

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Working on two cherry boxes using my first attempt with my box joint jig.  


While sanding the joints with my belt sander, I managed to mangle the end of my left index finger!  5 stitches later, plan to get back at it tomorrow.  Fortunately not my trigger finger!


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