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Friday December 18th 2020-What's on Your Weekend Agenda?

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2 hours ago, kmealy said:

Tomorrow is a Zoom vocal recital with granddaughter and a HS band Zoom concert in the evening.

A friend told me he was drinking a brand name seltzer while watching a school function on zoom.  Next day they have pop up ads on the computer for seltzer drinks.  CREEPY, but really not surprising!

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Receiving gifts from Amazon and I hope a couple from Brussels.  The Legos in Brussels has been in the U. S. Post Office in the Netherlands since Dec. 10.  No updates as of yet.  Strange that I tried to purchase a particular set of Legos from Target online and when I clicked on the icon, I was sent to the Lego distributor in Brussels.  Yep, credit card department of the credit union called the next morning to verify that I had made the transaction.  That felt good.  Other gifts coming from Amazon get removed from their shipping containers and wrapped immediately.  Made chili today.  Not bad.  


Also, making 5 pens to give to neighbors this holiday season.  And yes, from the fat pine.  Bored the holes today and will get them turned maybe on Sunday, not sure.  It is supposed to rain most of the weekend.  


Gunny, you had a neighbor's young man to spend some time with you last spring I think before he joined the military.  Have you heard from him?  And, if you have, how is he?  

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