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Kevin Beitz

Found in the junyard...

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Steve the only problem with the glue and saw dust is after you have applied it in the cracks and it dries then you start sanding the area down flat and the first thing that is sanded away is the saw dust on top leaving dried glue....then you are trying to sand the mixture down at the same rate as the wood goes down around the cracks but the wood will go faster leaving craters....... I do use glue mixed with scroll saw dust all the time but not out in an area that has to be worked down flat with the rest of the area...I like it because it does not chip out easy and is about as equal in strength as the wood around it.

  Another problem is nothing will stain the glue and it will stand out big time with the wood in the same area.... And hardly no one has a furniture repair kit to blend in something like that.



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I guess I didn't include sufficient details.  First sand down the project to finish sanding.  Then make the solution of sawdust and glue.  Then put some extra dust on top and rub it in.  You won't need to do much sanding after that.  And, the stain will take.  The glue will rarely show.  Maybe this will help.  

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I building a 12 foot by 8 foot overhead router plane for in my shop but I'm waiting for some tee rail to finish it. So..... 


I have this 10 Fingers Router ( I have no idea why it's called that) that's never been used.

It has no way to hold down anything to work on.   The story continues ...



Good shot.JPG

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