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Friday December 11th 2020-What's on Your Weekend Agenda?

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Unfortunately, I won't get a darned thing done in the shop this weekend. Wednesday afternoon, I went to our health center to see about stomach cramps and BLACK stool. I ended up in the hospital. CT scan revealed a perforated colon and, a couple abcesses. I'll be stuck in here until Sunday, at least. They're giving me two types of antibiotics twice per day. Each takes an hour to administer with the IV.  IV because I Can't have ANYTHING by mouth. Not even water. So, it's an IV for a saline solution and, that's hooked up in the other arm constantly, 24 hrs per day. They Docs want at least 48 hours of non use of the colon and antibiotics. 

While typing the above, my GP showed up and gave me the news that it's almost certain that semi solid food is coming tomorrow and, depending on my reactions, I'm outta here sometime Sunday!!!

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Sorry been quiet last couple days. Had a court case with my ex. Between that stress and sitting for hours during the trial my back is killing me. Couldn't take my pain medicine this week due to trial. Once that was done not enough to time left to take medicine before back to work.  Tonight I can finally get my dose and sleep it off tomorrow.

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