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Well yesterday was pretty interesting. The new lathe arrived via an 18 wheeler which presented a problem getting it backed up to the driveway to use his lift gate but he managed to back it all the way down the street and get the lift gate on the driveway. Then when he goes to bring it to the rear of the truck on the pallet jack it looked a little odd. As it gets to the rear of the truck it’s obvious that things are not right. Somewhere along the way it had fallen some distance. The crate was shattered, it was laying on its side on another pallet with the lathe exposed and mangled. So I refused the shipment per Grizzly’s instructions and they drove off. The bizarre part is that they continued to ship it after such damage. I will be having words with the trucking company today. Now the issue will be how long it will take for Grizzly to get me another one. On a brighter note thanks to the tip from Lew the piece of ebony arrived from Cook Woods. 






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