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Summer parking lots have a different use

Al B

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The parking lots at Salisbury beach have found a new purpose in the off season. One lot has been set up for covid testing while another lot has many trucks and tents set uo for the filming of a Netflix movie titled 'Don't Look UP"  with Leonardo Dicaprio and Meryl Streep. Normally, this is the time when I like to visit the beach to  enjoy the peace and quiet while listening to the surf. 2020 has really been a year to forget, IF that's at all possible.   

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These are the parking lots at the state reservation Artie. Meanwhile, the town has started construction of a two million dollar welcoming center and rest rooms at the town beach center. The town parking lot at the beach center may be available, but I'm not even sure about that. I know some beach residents do use it for winter parking during storms.

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