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Friday November 20th 2020-What's on Your Weekend Agenda?

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My weekend agenda was suddenly changed, at least part of it. I was up early to get some groceries before the crowds get there. As I left the market, a car looked like it was going to run the stop sign and I swerved slightly to the right. An unseen sharp curb was in the way and it hit it enough to ruin my tire. I drove it home that way, bout half mile, the tire was ruined anyway. I got my spare out from the storage area of my 98 F150. Its the first time the tire has been taken down in 22 years.:lol: Of course, no air in it. 

So it looks like tomorrow I'll go have a new tire put on, maybe I should check that never used spare more often.

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Lots of projects underway for me to take the next step with.

- Another tool box rehab, this one a machinist chest for our daughter's bf.  I have it cleaned up and primed (no tanking this one) with the bottom painted.  Plan to paint the rest of it tomorrow and add felt at some point during the week.

- I made a set of picture ledges and have dyed and applied shellac.  Will do a final coat of satin poly this morning and will put them up during the week.

- I have sorted out a few more boards for another set of picture ledges, I will plane these down to size this morning.

- Our b-i-l is coming over today for me to r&r the front brakes on their car, that's on tap for this afternoon.  With all of the electrical stuff he's done for me, I sure couldn't say no to that request.

- There are a couple of signs that I want to make "just because".  One should be simple enough, the logo is available, I just need to find the right color match.  The second will require me to find a close match for the font and then massage it enough to pass.  I think that I can now find a close color match for this one now, last time I looked I couldn't find anything even close.  These signs are just fun projects that take a bit of computer time in the evening and then a rainy day when it's inside work to do.

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2 hours ago, Masonsailor said:

I have been informed that I am getting a new lathe for Xmas and it will be here Monday. Problem is I liked my SS lathe a lot and I am not sure what they ordered to replace it.


Let's hope the new lathe is just what you want it will be.

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Wow. Wife and son are really pissed at me for being “ungrateful”. All I said was I would have liked to be consulted on the matter BEFORE they haul off one of my favorite pieces of machinery. They showed me the replacement lathe finally. New lathe looks nice but it’s not my SS 👿

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