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2020 Xmas ornaments

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Got the last glue up done this afternoon.  Next is to cut pieces to fit for the corners and edges.  Interesting.  With all the edge cut-off pieces I made three star ornaments.   I could have had 4, but one piece of butternut had a knot in it.  

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43 minutes ago, Gerald said:

This is interesting but the closest I have come was stars I made a few years back. This was made as a blank and then the stars are cut off.IMG_8717.JPG.0ca455434def8b81dbc8de3fa53cca3e.JPG

Yes, I made some similar to those a few years ago.  Again alternating maple and cherry.   Frank Klausz has an article on this.  So does Steve Ramsey, but I like Frank's better.


Dec 1998 American Woodworker Magazine. (Issue 70, pg 70-75)

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