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So I had the Tormek out this morning to do some sharpening on a couple of chisels.  Wondered to myself hey maybe they make a attachment for drill bits?  Had been looking at a Drill Doctor 750.


Yeah, glad I was sitting down!!!




If you don't want to look at it price is $293  :JawDrop:


Should have come with a warning before showing the price.  A sign, brace for impact or something.    Don't get me wrong the Tormek was expensive when I got it years ago, but has worked well on all the chisels and blades I have thrown it's way.  Bought every jig they offered when I got the package at the WW show.  


BUT WOW!!!!!!





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1 hour ago, Smallpatch said:

Gun I have the Tormek with all the attachments but the drill bit sharpener and I think the Drill Doctor would be a better sharpener....no matter if its higher or cheaper!!


Yeah at $130 much easier on my wallet ya know...  :D  Till then I can just use the one at work..:TwoThumbsUp:

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Have this completed and just out of finishing room.  Two more sets of Forstner bits, one a common do all set and one for hardwoods.  Ran out of stickers, have to get 1/4 inch tomorrow from set at work.




This will be the tray behind that.  For the moment I plan on turning it upside down and using as a box.  If needed later I can flip it over and use as I need.  Got the inside coated with poly.  Stained the outside and top tonight, be a few days before ready.




Moving up the box I am working on these organizers.  Doubt I will keep those three larger bits in here but had to put them somewhere.  Drawer below is next, it will hold 4 indexes and some bit holders I have.  Now getting it to fit is proving to be difficult.  Will sleep on it.




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