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Problems with my drum sander. Help?

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I have a rather new 16 32 Super Max drum sander. I don't use it as often as I thought I would so the installed paper installed at the factory worked until I decided it needed changed. I purchased extras when I brought it at Woodcrafters in Dayton, Ohio. Replacing the paper is a genuine pain. I followed instructions and the tail end of the spiral wrap quickly tore off. I tried again with another piece - same thing. I go on youtube and watched several videos and the procedures they illustrated. I was doing it exactly the same way they did. I tried again - same result. I am frustrated and right now I think I would trade the entire unit for 5 minutes in a phone booth with the engineered who designed it. Does anyone have experience with this? If so - any suggestions?   

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You need to use the tool. It is not necessary to stretch the paper tight just wrap it evenly on the drum and it will be tight. If you get a loose spot smooth it to one end and take the slack out with the clip.You may get some stretch in the belt from time to time so just repeat the smoothing out to get that out.


To me the hardest part is that small clip but once you learn to use the tool it is easy. Key is it does not require muscle.

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Another thought... You might be trying to hog it instead of lightly sand it on each pass..I think over the years on all the wood working sites taking to much at each pass is whats causing the sand paper to ripe out or the boards are sticking under the paper and burning black gaps in the wood with the rollers and having lots of lots of bad luck with their machines.....until they learned how to use them..........

  I was the doing the same things with my machines until I realized its the person thats cranking it down too much that is the main culprit....

  I have a 22-44 drum sander and yes it will do the same as your machine until I learned how much to turn the crank for each pass....I also have a Grizzly 16" double drum sander and it started out tearing the  paper off the drums until I learned what I could and could not do.

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