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"Awl" Done

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It must get some type of brittle. Long ago I was making a vat to use with furniture paint and varnish remover and had bent the sides up then and was soldering the corners with a torch. It was like 3 foot square and 5 inches tall. I only used enough heat to melt the solder into the spaces but when I went to fill the thing up with remover there were many very small cracks had formed kinda looked like lightening strikes in lots of places in each corner of my great idea. I finally went and bought some flat steel and continued with my project and finished making the vat and added a drain valve so I could strain it up each night so the liquids would not evaporate over night.. I also added a lid that would seal the licquid in  during the day to keep the odor down..

This stainless steel was like 1/16" thick and since then I use regular steel it my building of things..

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20 hours ago, Smallpatch said:

Dan what metal did you use for the awls.


(Grade 5) 1/4" x 4" bolts with the point at the head end.  Not easily turned to a taper.  Sharp tool and keep it oiled.  I was going to use some 5/32 7018 welding rod but wanted a taper.

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