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EWT on Home Town

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4 hours ago, Fred W. Hargis Jr said:

We've watched that show quite a bit. I find the down home feeling they (the hosts) have more appeal than some of the other rehab shows. Besides, he's in the wood shop quite a bit doing things for the homes they rehab, and it often involves some turning. He (I think his name is Ben) has an enormous lathe, probably 10' center to center that shows up every once in a while. But most of the stuff he does is fairly simple, but still entertaining.


I have really gotten a bad taste in my mouth about TV and Hollywood in general so if I'm home alone the TV is off. If I lived alone I'm not even sure I would own one. Most of the "reality" shows are an insult to my intelligence as far as I'm concerned. Every situation is contrived, enhanced, or staged for the sake of drama. Of the fixer upper shows I agree that hometown is better than most and the wife is a cutie! Another one that isn't too bad, can't remember the name but it's a mother/daughter team reclaiming rundown homes in Indianapolis.

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5 hours ago, HandyDan said:

It's funny how we pick those things out to notice.  I worked in the forklift industry and have to see what brand the forklift is if it is in a show.  Anything being done on a lathe peaks my attention too.

You are so right, when I was refinishing furniture I couldn't walk into a furniture store or department without feeling the finish, looking for runs or sags, etc. etc. From my years as a carpenter I still check out drop ceilings to see if the borders are the same, eyeball door frames and corners to check for plumb and so forth and so on.

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