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200 amp electrical service

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Another Option you could look into what my parents did for me starting off in my first house is a Mobile home.... Mines about the size of a 1 bedroom apartment a small 1 bedroom but its all I really need.  Holds up quite well and are made to current standards and are far cheaper than renting or buying or buying to rent.  That might be an alternative option for housing.  Its worked out quite well for me.  I mean I rent the space but I own the home so if I want to move I just pay someone to move the house.  That's one option out there.  As far as the gaming goes.  as I said most of the power runs through the power supply unit in the computer itself so there shouldn't be too much to worry about.  If you were a bit concerned about it I pulled up some reading material to look at so it wont be much more of a concern.....  I would know I'm a gamer and I planed for all of that...


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I do not know how much “choice” your son has in buying a house now, but I would wait a year after this election to see what happens to price. One interesting thought we’ve had is to purchase a plot of land, and have a modular home dropped on it. If you do the research and buy from a good manufacturer, they are a superior structure compared to a stick built house. I have seen this when trying to add wiring to them. I’m not sure if the land pricing and supply’s have followed the pricing on homes in your area.

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