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Lew some nice videos you have found.


I did not get into some specifics in the blog as it was just a overview. In your box since it is small compares to a dishwasher or refrigerator a 25 watt may be safer.


Some other tips on successful drying

     1. round over all sharp corners. Cracks can emanate from these areas

     2. even wall thickness from top to bottom. If uneven it is better to be thinner at the bottom so it will flex and be less likely to crack.

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@lew, great videos, great post with many links.  Our turners have been busy this week.  I have 4 of 23 rolling pins turned.  Need some sanding on the ends and burning the name and year.  


Been trying to learn how to use the EWT and I learned like you and John said, the round tip is a real wood hog.  That thing would make a beaver colony take notice.  And, I have learned how to smooth with the roughing gouge.  Just touch the target wood with the center of the blade and it is close to a good sharp skew.  Also, have learned when I am only riding the shaft bevel.  It does a nice job polishing the wood.  LOL


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14 hours ago, FlGatorwood said:

skew.  Also, have learned when I am only riding the shaft bevel.  It does a nice job polishing the wood.  LOL


Be careful about riding a bevel . That shine is burnished and it actually crushes wood fibers. Not too bad if final finish cut but it may not sand as well or rather as easily.


By the way take a break now and then sounds like you working hard on the pins:D

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@AndrewB Thanks for the video. Wish I had room for something like that!


@Gerald Thank You! I really appreciate you creating that excellent blog on drying techniques and you answering my questions.


@Gunny Thanks!


@FlGatorwood Thank You! 23 rolling pins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow you are really going to be busy! Glad to hear you are getting some use from

     @Jim from Easy Wood Tools's products!


@HandyDan Thank! I hope the customer likes the bowl.

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11 minutes ago, AndrewB said:

Also found a propane heater I'm going to get for myself so I can actually be warm while turning this winter and its a small one that will heat the area in my shed nicely hopefully...

I used to teach Scuba Ice Diving. For small groups we used one of these to heat the dive van for changing clothes, Very effective and no open flame.




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29 minutes ago, AndrewB said:

Yea I was looking at something like that at home depot that was fairly in expensive...

We had 2 types of these heaters. One as pictured and one that just had the heating pad that screwed on the top of a propane soldering type cylinder. The little cylinders didn't last long so I engineered an adapter that would connect it to a 20lb propane Bar-B-Que cylinder. We'd fire it up when we got to the dive site and at the end of the dive, the van was toasty warm. Ebay may have them.

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