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Pipe Clamp holders adjustable even

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1 hour ago, Al B said:

I have a few pipe clamps from my welding days. They worked great for that purpose. but I've never really cared about using them for woodworking. But, when you need a loooooong clamp, the pipe clamp is a lifesaver.

That is where most of my clamps came from.  Guys would clean out a shop and find these and get rid of them, sometimes free.  I grew up using them and often use them for non woodworking jobs.  I know the bar clamps are the rage but my wallet says no they are not.  :D  Even so I have some Rockler bar clamps I got at a woodworking show and like them.  I made clamp pads for my pipe clamps so all of them sit at the same height, and will not fall over.  This is a game changer, set up is much smoother.  Now those same clamp pads make the footprint of my clamps bigger and so they take up more space.  A give and take thing.  :ChinScratch:

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