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Let's Vote!

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Can I bring up this topic without politics creeping in?  Doubtful, but I would like to try.

How is early voting progressing in your area?

Early voting started in Georgia this past Monday.  My wife went to vote around 11 AM.  She immediately texted back to say the line was long and barely moving.  She got to the machines and cast her ballot at 2 PM!  She did not know why it was so slow, said everything seemed to "click" - it just took hours to get from check in & validation to the actual voting station.

Our daughter went on Tuesday - it took her four hours!  But, she said that for some period the machines were down.


We live in a relatively small community.  In normal elections, since they began early voting, I am used to walking in and seeing maybe five people in line...

I will wait a couple weeks before I go.  But I will be voting.  I always vote.

How is it going where you are?

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Since Ohio allowed it, I have always voted early, and my wife (handicapped) has always voted by mail, but I hand carry here ballot to the election office. Our mail has always been questionable in terms of reliability, at least for the last 10 years or so. (Sorry, Postal Tom...nothing personal).

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Great topic Cal! We can do this without politics creeping in I am sure. :) After all, we are all Americans here, and this is one universal ideal we can all get on board with.

I go into the poll and vote on election day, I gotta have my "I Voted" sticker to put on my chest after I walk out! :lol:

Also, this years election day November 3rd, is also my birthday!

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