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Spokeshave article

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I have a couple of Record spokeshaves (one flat bottom, one convex bottom).   I don't use them a lot but they seem to work just fine.   I've also got  vintage Stanley.  And another one, whose brand I don't remember, but think it's called a "cigar spokeshave" -- it's a little trickier to use.  I think it's a recreation of a Miller's Falls #1

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3 hours ago, John Morris said:

Tom, what do you intend to use the shave for? Lets start there. :)

John, I don't really have an immediate use for one.  I just wanted one on hand in case a project came up that the spokeshave would be good for.  What brought it to mind was that I am working on the second saw bench.  I mentioned before that I wanted two in case I needed to work on a larger board that needed more support than would be offered by one saw bench.  I started thinking that the spokeshave would be good to smooth the inside edges of the large V notch that goes in the end of the top.  On the first one, I had to smooth it out using a rasp and a card scraper, and I never really got satisfied with the results.  Beyond that, nothing else for now, but I'm sure I will use it in the future.  So far, I'm still the top bidder on one on Ebay.

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I won the auction for the spokeshave.  Someone was bidding against me, just hope it wasn't the owner trying to drive up the price.  I quit bidding until the final 5 seconds, and then went in with my final bid.  I am supposed to receive  the tool on Thursday.  The description said NOS, but the pictures showed a bit of tarnish or rust.  That's OK, it has probably been in storage for years.  I'll know more when I receive it.  I'll post some pics when I get it, and then later when I do whatever rehabbing I decide to do.  I'm not really into restoring old tools, but "a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do", as the saying goes.  I assume it's somewhat like restoring a plane, but on a smaller scale.  

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Funny thing about ebay and other such sites is you get wound up and some folks push the bid up before the last minute. I wait for withing the last 10 seconds. If you ever look at the penny auctions on Bud's Gunshop they add time if it looks like you have won in the last 10 seconds and that is a real bummer.


I bought my #8 on eBay and felt like I got a deal from watching other #8's that I dropped out and it went up over 150.

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