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Another week in the books. We've had a beautiful stretch of nice weather here in South Central PA. Unfortunately it has been so dry that the forest service is predicting very muted colors on the trees as the the leaves change.



Our Patriot Turners-

@Masonsailor reminded us that Christmas isn't that far away! He has started in on his gifts already



He received lots of positive comments on this ice cream scoop-




Of course, @Ron Altier is always prepared for Christmas! He gave us a look at a couple of new ornaments he turned. As always, Ron's pieces brought lots of comments-



See his post for the process and finish he used-



@AndrewB has been busy with bowls. 

The first is a pair made of Bhilwara wood.



Check out this post for his description of what he did and some of his techniques.


He also posted a Canary wood bowl. With this one, Andrew wasn't sure about the shape. 



Please see his post and give him your thoughts on it



Andrew also worked on a couple of birch glue-ups to turn into bowls-



In his posts he shows us how he did the glue-ups and also included a video on the turning process-



What’s Coming Up-

I couldn't find any new events. I suspect the folks who organized the Virtual Craft Festival on YouTube will have another event but I cannot find any definitive information on this.



For The Newbies-

A several informative videos this week. 

First, Mike Peace helps us sort out the various parting tools and their uses-



Gouges! What's the difference? Here's a video that explains the differences between spindle gouges and bowl gouges



@AndrewB said he was having trouble using his new inertia sander. I found this video, from M. Saban Smith, explaining how to use these sanders. This starts at about the 5 minute mark-




Expand Your Horizons-

@HandyDan was kind enough to send me the link to this video. The author demonstrates how to turn a multi axis "square bowl". Really Cool and you get 2 bowls from one glue-up!




As noted earlier, @Ron Altier and @Masonsailor have been working on Christmas ideas. Here's one from our generous sponsor, Woodcraft, on making a keepsake ornament-




I found this interesting. I'm a jig junky and will spend days building jigs that I would probably would not even need. Here is an example of what can be done with knowledge from the right person-




New Turning Items-

Sorry, save up your lunch money. Maybe next week!



Everything Else-

Rick Turn's list of YouTube videos from last week-



The rocking horse is nearing completion. Mimi has the mane finished and the tail is almost ready to install. 




Safe turning and stay well

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9 minutes ago, HandyDan said:

Thanks Lew.  The bowl gouge vs spindle gouge video is an excellent explanation and also depicts how well traditional tools work when used properly.

Exactly, while I do like the carbide for a great many things it does not make up for technique.  


great post @lew

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I have to agree with Gunny on carbide versus HSS.  There are techniques that I have yet to get a hold on with the new tools, but I do like the carbides in some situation better than HSS.  Depends.  No, not the kind on the store shelf.  :-)


The videos are wonderful, Lew.  I always learn stuff but if only I could remember by the time I reach the back door.  I did learn one trick that I will use on these rolling pins.  They will be about an inch shorter as I will now remove the wood where the drive spur and live center go in.  I never thought about that.  I won't be trying to make a wooden sphere anytime soon.  


Andrew is keeping busy, keeping us busy and making great strides.  It has been a joy to see someone progress so much so quickly.  


Ron always amazes me with what he comes up with and the end product is fantastic.  Ron, I will never be able to perform at your label so if you will allow, I'll stand by and drool.  Thank you for all this information.  As always, a great post.  Now I need to catch up to last weeks post that occurred during Hurricane Sally.  

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Well I learned something today fortunately out of trial and error and being a complete DUMMY.  I figured out why my HF lathe was wobbly when I would turn material.  I didn't have the head stock fully locked down and in position.  I feel kinda dumb now LOL.  Oh well either way.  Learn something new every day.  I tightened down the locking bolt and sure enough it locked it into place and walla NO MORE dag gum wobble on the head stock.  So that makes me happy.  I guess I don't have anything negative to say about the harbor freight lathe anymore except for the fact it doesn't go lower than 600 RPM.  Wish it did.

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@lew, thank you for the well wishes.  Got most of the neighborhood cleaned up.  Cox is still restoring lines.  It seems that the electricity is all back on for everyone but telecom is still lagging.  Some faith volunteers came into the neighborhood today and helped  They were tremendous.  So as soon as they get all the piles of rubbish from the curbside, we can do a final rake, mow and things will look mostly normal.  Grocery stores are now accepting credit/debit cards again instead of cash only.  I will post a few pictures tomorrow.  I really appreciate all the concern.  Thank you.

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