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Wednesday's Wisdom For Woodturners September 16, 2020

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Here's hoping all our members along the northern Gulf are safe. I saw where Pensacola had almost 2 feet of rain so far.


On another note, please remember to add tags to your posts. I try to remember to check but sometimes my memory fails me.



Our Patriot Turners-

@AndrewB has been cranking out projects like crazy this past week!

His little elm bowl is beautiful-



You can see his progress in this post and check out the comments by our turners-


Next, Andrew posted his work on a bloodwood bowl. All did not go as planned as he describes in his post. However, the end results were quite spectacular!




Moving on, Andrew turned some acrylic pen blanks. He included a video of his process in the post-


Finally, saving the best for last here, he showed us a myrtlewood bowl. It is inspiring to see how far Andrew has come in such a short span of time. 



He mentions in his post about the inertia sander he used to get this awesome beauty finished-



@FlGatorwood saw an item that is designed to sharpen carbide cutters. Check out his post to see the comments of our turners-



We have a couple of turning items for sale-

First, @Jim from Easy Wood Tools was contacted by a turner who has a Easy Wood Tools Pro Rougher for sale-



Jim provided contact information in his post-


Also, @FlGatorwood has some Easy Wood Tools cutters for sale. They are Ci2-R2 and Ci3-NR. You can contact him through our site-



What’s Coming Up-

This Saturday, September 19, 2020, there will be another Virtual Craft Festival. 


Get all the information here-




Turner Andrew Hall is offering interactive remote demonstrations (IRD). Here's a little more information-



If you haven't registered for the Woodturners Worldwide Symposium, here a way to save $10!



Click on the image for more details.




For The Newbies-

Andrew mentioned in his post about his new inertia sander. Just happens that Rick Turns posted a video about turning a vase. In that video, he uses one of these sanders-




Expand Your Horizons-

I thought this was a really great way to add a decorative touch to a bowl. Although the author used soapstone, I would imagine many other "fillers" could be used.




New Turning Items-

Not new, but if you are thinking about getting some carbide tools here is your chance to save 15% on our Easy Wood Tools sponsor's products!




Everything Else-

Rick Turns video list for last week-



The only lathe work I've done this past week was turn 2 walnut dowels for the rocking horse



I was kinda happy with the progress until I put on the stain Mimi wanted (not shown). I was expecting the pine to splotch but the white oak really disappointed me. I've stained red oak with walnut stain and it covers evenly. This oak had areas that turned really dark. It wasn't noticeable until I wiped off the excess. Even a second application made no difference. I guess that's what happens when you get free wood.


Safe turning and stay well


2020-09-16 21_24_14-Window.png

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