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steven newman

We have work to do....

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Ok....next item on the list...:SaluteandRun:


This is a look at the sole of that Stanley No. 31....it has "issues"  :DevilLaughing:


Sitting "flat" on a tabletop...meh....but, when I press down on the "bow" with a fingertip..:ArguingSmileys:


This is how far the stern raises up.....not good.:BangingHead:   Also, I cleaned up the logo on the bow..:TwoThumbsUp:


So, take all the hardware off the plane, and head for the shop...


Idea being I start up at the bow, and plane towards the stern....highest area was about midships, right behind the mouth opening...


Stanley No.8, type 7....kept checking with a straightedge....until flat...noticed the side were not quite square to the sole...so..


I let the No. 8  work for a bit...then did a bit lighter work..( that IS a 10 pound plane,:BugEyeSmiley: after all)


That circled area?:ChinScratch:


I don't think I could get anything to hold, IF I glued a strip along the sides.:WonderScratch:....so, I gave the entire body a good heavy coat of the SMELLY:JawDrop: BLO and let it sit a while...


Hopefully, it will close up a few cracks...and treat the "dead zones"....


Ironworks now have a decent coat of black paint....the iron I was trying the flatten and sharpen..shattered..:ArguingSmileys: But, I do have a spare...


letting everything dry  overnight....and see how they look later....That wood body is 24" long....iron/cutter is 2-3/8" wide....:o

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