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OK, more on the dovetail stuff,...B)

Had to transfer the spacings from one end to the other...


Something like this.  Notice I also marked out which is the waste  ( X marks the spot) another marking gauge to set how deep the make the cuts...


Then mark the cut lines for the saw to follow...and clamp this in the "anti-rack" vise..:rolleyes::ROFL:


used both that No. 68 and the Old No. 4...:OldManSmiley:


Then clamp the board to the Pine chopping block..


Go about halfway down, and leave a bit on the end, to support these while I chop from the other side...


Pins are done.   Then, stand this up onto the Tail Board...


Sharp pencil to mark things out...usually looks like this...:ChinScratch:


Again, mark which will be the waste.:OldManSmiley:..take this to the bandsaw..


Make a bunch of cuts, but...stay on the waste side of the lines, more of the line I leave, the tighter the fit...then chisels to remove the waste...


And we have the tails done...grab the Pin board, and try a dry fit..


Rinse and repeat for the 4th corner.....then a dry assembly..:ChinScratch:


Had to use the WR #62 to trim the 2x2 racks to final length...:o


Until they fit.   Had to get another box out, and set it on the bench...:ChinScratch:


This got assembled, and fitted with a #12 cutter...


Then built a jig to hold the sides still, at least while I ploughed a groove...


Should hold it... then tried the plane out....:TwoThumbsUp:


Was going against the grain, I guess....  One down, and 3 to go....then....PIZZA arrived!  :DevilLaughing:

Closed up shop, and went to get a bite to eat...3 hours was enough for one day....again. :OldManSmiley:


I went out to Lowes, bought a new Thermocouple for the Furnace, and a 1/4" x 24" x 24" Luann Plywood panel....should be enough...:WonderScratch:


Stay tuned....:cowboy:

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