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Help us help a Wounded Warrior's Family Christmas

Join us in our annual Adopt a Warrior Family for Christmas Project, enter the raffle to help us raise funds for our adopted family!

Our Adopt a Warrior Project has ended, please standby for announcements!

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Great recap of the week Lew.  Very happy to hear you decided to stay away from the school this year. 

I enjoyed the awl video.  I am making a bunch of them for Christmas gifts this year.  I have the metal work done and just have to get to the wood turning part.

Those rolling pins are, as always, beautiful works.

Thank You for your time.

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No pressure, Artie.  LOL  Take your time and don't rush.  We don't want you to get hurt.  


Lew, I have watched all but one video.  I really enjoyed Daniel Valireno (the Italian) showing how to grind and what to watch for.  He answered many questions I have had for a long time.  


Mike Peace video making pill boxes and such always raises my concerns getting that close to the spinning chuck.  But, I did really like making awls.  I have to try to remember that when I get caught up some.  


The sanding supplies is very tempting.  That would be very nice to have in our tool chest.  


You see, I get all these ambitions and ideas from your videos.  Thanks so much for your weekly posts.  

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@Gunny Thank You!


@FlGatorwood Thanks! That Mike Peace inspired me to start something I've been putting off. I wear hearing aids but never use a drying system. Going to build one from old stuff I have lying around.


@Gerald Thank You!


@Jim from Easy Wood Tools Thanks! Yes there is a blog here. Part 1- 


@AndrewB Thank You!


@Artie Looking forward to how you are coming along with the new tools!

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