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Boiled Linseed Oil for Pen Finishes

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Okay, so my wood bowl finish has already begun to congeal and it wont be long before it goes bad entirely.  I got some good use of it while it lasted.  Oh well, I'll have to order more at some point.  How ever I still have a ton of boiled linseed oil left.  I've heard rumors that the stuff tends to rot because it is a plant based product made from crushing plant seeds.  How ever I'm wondering if any of you had any problems with it via turning pens and using it as a finish.  Thanks.

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I agree with Dan on BLO.  I have finished many projects with BLO and I have never had a negative issue with it.  Maybe, I'm just lucky.  But, those who receive products such as pizza cutters, ice cream scoops, bottle openers, cheese slicers and such finished with BLO have never made any comments to me other than they like it.  I have never mixed it as shown in the video.  I normally just put on a coat of BLO, wait a couple of days and go back with a few coats of CA glue.  Maybe, I am screwed up.  After all, I use a Shopsmith for a lathe.  :D

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