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Wednesday's Wisdom For Woodturners July 15, 2020

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Busy week.  @AndrewB has kept us busy with all his projects and new toys!!  Had to dig out some old photos of jigs I use for pen making and such.  Like others can attest we use jigs we make over time and think nothing more about it until someone ask how to do something.  Use this jig, yeah cause they know all about it.  :D

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Ok now I get further behind watching more videos. Thanks Lew. Will whole hearted response to the marketing ideas. If you like it too much or it takes too long to make then you will not make money or may not make sales. That was a very good find.


I have a friend wanting to sell all of his Easy Wood Tools if anyone interested send me a message with a contact and I will pass along to him. I think he has one of everything up till the last 3 years.

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Thank you, Lew.  I have watched all and I always love watching Cindy Drozda.  I want to make finials like she does.  Keep your fingers crossed. 


I love those templates from EWT.  I may have to get a set of those.  


Also, I love that turning you made from the wild cherry.  I saw that crack at the face plate and it raised concerns, however, you did it very well.  I am looking forward to the follow up after the soap bath.  I enjoyed the Rick Turns, the Longworth chuck and now I can't remember the rest.  I don't suppose that I'll ever use a Longworth chuck.  


All of this is well worth my time.  I greatly appreciate it.  

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3 hours ago, AndrewB said:

I know for a fact the purpleheart is probably going to be rough for me to turn.


Love the stuff.  Go SLOW, take your time and take it easy.  Sharpen your chisels before use.  Use a regular HSS rouging gouge to get your shape then come down to true size with the carbide tips.  

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Great post Lew! :TwoThumbsUp:


Still sorting through things so i can get everything set up.

Machine bench is at a standstill until next month. :(

Working on doing something with what will be the fifth machine that will go on the bench.

I reported getting it quite a while back.

Since the other four machines will be set up for both wood, and metal work this one will also be.

I had to slightly turn the shaft ends down so I could thread them to 1/2"-20 TPI. I used my Milwaukee electric drill to turn the shaft in the arbor head. The left side was originally left hand thread, but I threaded it right hand and will be using lock nuts. 

While we were out "Curb Shopping" we found a NIB belt grinder attachment that I forgot to grab when we unloaded at the storage. I hope it isn't buried to far in.

It looks like this.


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@Gunny Thanks! And, thank you for providing ideas to @AndrewB


@AndrewB Thanks for continuing to post your progress, we all appreciate seeing what you are doing.


@Gerald Thanks! I'll post about your friends tool sale in next Wednesday's...


@FlGatorwood Thank You! Going to pull the blanks from the solution today. Fingers crossed that the split didn't get worse.


@HandyDan Thanks! New stuff is the reason I never have any lunch money.


@Larry Buskirk Thank You! Around here, everyone has yard sales. I'm not a morning person so I don't get to see the good stuff.



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1 hour ago, lew said:

Thank You! Around here, everyone has yard sales. I'm not a morning person so I don't get to see the good stuff.


I'm usually up before 5:00 AM. Why? I don't know.

I haven't been to a yard sale in quite a while. Very few of my tools are new, I simply can't afford to buy everything new. Besides that I enjoy redoing the old machines I come across. No plastic parts to break the first time you use them. My old early 40's Delta lathe will serve both my metal, and woodworking needs.

I wish the manufacturers would return to making attachments that allow you to use the machines for more than one specific purpose. An example being my old drill press had eight different spindles available for doing different operations. I've got seven out of the eight that were available. Ever see a drill press set up as a shaper? 


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14 minutes ago, lew said:

I've seen the attachment in photographs but never saw one in action.

I'll have to show the setup when I get everything mounted. I'll be good to go as an over-arm router/shaper with the one that will be mounted to the multi-tool bench but will probably have to change out motor mounts when using it like a standard router/shaper. If not it will require a shorter belt. I'll find out once everything gets mounted.

I'll be running five machines on the same bench, using only two motors. I was trying to figure out how to get away with only one motor but the layout just won't let me.

BTW that's five machines on a 30" x 72" bench.

Edited by Larry Buskirk
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