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John Morris

Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! June 22, 2020

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12 hours ago, Cal said:

An extra prayer has gone out for your son this morning John...


11 hours ago, John Morris said:

John, have not heard from you regarding this in some time now, I was hoping things had ironed itself out by now, I am so sorry you guys are all going through this. I am praying now for your son, and for you all to have the strength to pull through this.

Thanks guys. We thought things were starting to improve, but about six weeks ago he started having very bad mood swings, and couldn't remember the simplest words. Some of his texts were complete gibberish, and he was in constant pain! Tests were done, and showed that the colon cancer had metastasized to the lungs, brain and bones of his left shoulder, one hip and most of his spine. He'll be lucky to make it through another year. Like I said, this cancer thing is the pits! :( On the plus side, today was one of his better days. He had several friends over, and we shot a few clays, and now they're having a barbeque.


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