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Your Opinion on These Woodworking Plans

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I've been thinking about purchasing a book or videos on woodworking projects and would like to get some feedback on this woodworking package of plans and DVD's. I know there's free stuff on the web but the discount they're running appears to be good deal for 16,000 plans. I'm recently retired without any specific project in mind but the fact that everything's together for me to look through seems to be a good idea. 

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first...welcome on the patriot woodworker forum.:)


now, to your question.   when i tried to use that link my browser flagged it as "clickbait" - which is generally not a good indication.

once i went on through...   i would say (in my own opinion) run the other direction.   no matter what they offer it's probably

too good to be true (even with the glowing "testimonials").   I'm sure there are some folks here who may have some good

references for you (but i honestly don't think that's one of them)..:(

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25 minutes ago, Chicago65 said:

Thanks everyone for your opinions and replies. I am real Dan and came upon Ted's plans with a simple google search but will continue to research more. Feel free to make light of my user name because I am a life-long Cubs fan and have taken plenty of abuse about that along the way.


12 minutes ago, John Morris said:

Once again, welcome Chicago!


2 minutes ago, Gene Howe said:

Thanks for responding Chicago. Now that we see that you're real, a hearty welcome. 



Welcome indeed. :TwoThumbsUp: We get alot of scam which is why the question or being real was asked.  Now with that out of the way what can we help you with that you would like to build?  Lot's of talent and skill here to help guide you.

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5 hours ago, John Morris said:

@kmealy, I had to remove your links referring to well known scam sites, as we don't allow links to well known scam sites. :mellow:

Those were actually sites telling more information about the scam.   Steve Ramsey has done a fair amount of work tracking this all down.

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