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steven newman

The 2020 Yard Sale Season has started

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Spent $9 today.....wasn't much to get excited about....yet, when you can pull up to the sale, and smell RUST when you get out of the van...


$1 for the square. :ph34r:  Another place had the rest....that big rasp was still SHARP....according to my fingers...also three 3" C clamps.  Silver object is a screwdriver bit for a brace...


Nail set is a No. 11-3/4,  3/32" by Stanley.   Not sure who made the huge rasp....:WonderScratch:


Which brings me to this drill.....Red handle has gold lettering..."100 Plus"    the crank handle also has the 100 Plus, a STANLEY in the clipped corner box, and No. 610

$4.....a few drops of oil in all the oiler holes,  runs smooth, and quiet.Fully enclosed gear box, too.   :TwoThumbsUp:

Not too bad of a morning?:ph34r::Praise:

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