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Well ya'll know me, the forever cheerleader for our nation, looking on the positive side of things, yes I know, if you have lost a loved one, and if I had lost a loved one to this dastardly virus, what I am about to type is meaningless, can we all agree on that? 


Total Cases since this all began: 22,137,009

Here is the good news:

The good news, total recovered: 13,143,317

The good news, cases today: 8,619,495

The good news, serious/critical cases make up 29,034 of that 8,619,495 number above.

The good news, the percentage of active serious/critical cases to active cases is only 0.337 percent.

The good news, the total death rate since this all began for total cases and total deaths is 1.69 percent, that means on average if you contract this virus, your chances of living are 98.309 percent, I'll take those odds any day! And of course the younger you are and the healthier you are, your chance of survival is in the high 99.9 percentile.


Just imagine if the news media reported in this manner. That being said, we are in trouble folks, our hospitals are having a rough time, our vaccines are not getting out as fast as they should, and Americans are dying, but there is a solid light at the end of the tunnel, this spike will pass, the vaccines will get out, this will end, just stay positive, stay sane, and please, turn off the news now and then, it's all bad, that's how they make money, good news does not sell! The version of the news you are getting, no matter what the source is, will always be over inflated, and over hyped, because calm peaceful news, does not make money, they make money on your fears. :)


As far as the information provided above, it can be found at:


Live statistics and coronavirus news tracking the number of confirmed cases, recovered patients, tests, and death toll due to...


Also, while this is not a contest, we are not number one as far as worse countries, we are 13th, still abysmal, but not first on the list for deaths per million. I pray for all countries and all people's facing this virus, I have been since this all began.

The countries leading the way in that category are:


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To help save the economy, the Government will announce next month that the Immigration Department will start deporting seniors (instead of illegals) in order to lower Social Security and Medicare cost

UPDATE:   Well whomever this lady has hacked off has taken yet another step.  This morning a makeshift flagpole was in her front yard with a Nazi flag attached.  And yup, you guessed it she

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Our death rate has climbed in the last week.  We are having 4 to 6 deaths daily in our county, that many in our sister county.  In the 4 western counties, we had 18 deaths today.  Our ICU beds are being taken by seriously ill patients.  Don't know their demographics, but our infection rate for our county is still 17.8%, up from 4.8% this summer.  Schools are closing down, bars and restaurants are facing tighter restrictions as to how many can attend at one time.  Some school classes are now moved to Saturdays so as to not have too many students together.  The vaccine is not coming no matter how much our state leadership repeats that it is.  Wife and I are on a waiting list.  We tried to get on the appointment schedule, but no appointments until at least April.  And, we are in the age range to get the first vaccinations after medical, first responders and nursing home occupants get theirs.  We shall see.  

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The good news is that we have a great medical care system in the United states and we have a better chance of surviving the virus.  Trouble is that right now our medical system is inundated caring for virus patients.  I have a hernia that I can't get repaired until this is over.  How many other people are on the wait list with other problems that "can wait"?  We top the list of number of infections and that is the part that is wrong.  




I know it is not a race but we are losers.



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12 hours ago, John Morris said:

@FlGatorwood we are having same issues with vaccine distribution. I think they should just open the flood gates and have everyone who wants it line up. There is a bottle neck, it needs to be relieved.


John, that is pretty much what Florida did.  And I don't think it worked out to well.  Take a look at these pics:



Georgia was hit with a double whammy yesterday.  Daily covid cases exceeded 10,000 for the first time; and deaths went over the 10,000 mark also. :(


On 1/8/2021 at 9:04 AM, John Morris said:

that's how they make money, good news does not sell!


Good news does get reported.  Have you heard that there is a vaccine?  That people are beginning to get the jab?  By definition, news is out of the ordinary.  Fortunately for us, out of the ordinary tends to be bad.  It beats the alternative, at least in my mind.  It's January right now, I don't really care to hear that 5 million Georgians got their flu shot this year - I would rather hear about the outbreak in whatever county so that I might avoid the area if possible. :)

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1 hour ago, HandyDan said:

We top the list of number of infections and that is the part that is wrong.  


Not only that Dan, but what about the consequences that are not being talked about, teen suicide rate has gone up, families destroyed, divorce, drug and alcoholism abuse rising, murder rates have gone up in California because we are letting prisoners out of prison early because of the covid in the prisons, it's all a mess. Someday when historians write about this, and the hidden deaths and broken lives, it's going to be very sad.


For your chart Dan, we are not losers, I must push back on that assertion, we are fighting this just as hard if not more than nations around the globe, I am sure you could go to each of those nations territories, and find higher death and infection rates than many of our states in our union. Sorry, I am not in the camp that America is losing, I am proud of what we have done, we have a ton of arm chair quarter backs that have wonderful 2020 hindsight, but we did our best, we did our best because we are not perfect, and we are leading the world I believe in medicines and discoveries for treatments.


I am ok with not agreeing with much of what is said here in this topic, I hope folks don't take it personal when I disagree with you on this Covid mess, but there has been much negativity and ill feelings towards our own nation and how we have handled it, I just flat out disagree that we are a horrible nation for how it's all been taken care of, not saying you Dan have stated such things, but the feeling I get here is that we are just a miserable lot for how we handled it all, again, I completely disagree. :) And, you'll always get a smiley out of me!


Here is another CNN chart. Pretty much reflects the World O Meter.

Now I gotta go pee, too much coffee!



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51 minutes ago, Cal said:

John, that is pretty much what Florida did.  And I don't think it worked out to well.  Take a look at these pics:


Aye ye ye. So much for that plan. :CoveringEyes:


51 minutes ago, Cal said:

Good news does get reported.


But the bad news outweighs it so much, that the good is hard to spot. At least for me. Even news about the vaccine has been overshadowed by the bad roll out, more news about how it's been rolled out can be found rather than how wonderful the vaccine was brought to market in record time. I don't know Cal, different perspectives here from all involved in this topic, and I respect them all. :)

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2 hours ago, John Morris said:


What grown man says "I gotta go pee"? Sheesh. Well I could of said something else but the software would have blocked it. :WonderScratch:



Florida as well as others didn't realize the logistics in any common distribution.  You have to have the item in stock before it can be dispensed to the consumer.  That's a basic in any logistics chain.  Did it in the Navy during the war and spent part of my civil service job doing the same.  That's why I said there are 3 questions to guide it.  How many people do I need to do this week and how many injections am I going to receive this week.   It is really not hard but you do have to know some facts and then make reasonable judgements.  Now, for West Florida, with all the deaths, it was to vaccinate health care workers first, then first responders, nursing home occupants 3rd and then everyone over 65.  Well, that sounds good and when you try to register, they don't consider if anyone in that category has underlying conditions.  It is assumed but is not factual.  It is a group that can be divided into 2 so that those who have serious underlying conditions are moved to the head of the line and those who are still over 65 and in good health can be moved further back but still in the same group.  Like I posted earlier, our death rate is increasing, folks who have recovered have permanent lung and heart damage.  So, we need to not get ahead of ourselves in trying to get this out to everyone.  If you want it, get in line by signing up, get a slot and wait in line like we did in school or the military.  Too easy.


I will not play this virus up or down but I will face the facts.  While onboard ship in Vietnam, I did see fireballs roll.  We were within range, but we also had a shield about us that we most likely wouldn't be hit and if we were, it would be minimal damage.  The problem them became, where would it hit, who would be there, how damaging to the ship and how many lives lost and permanently injured.  So, we tried our best to always struggle for safety and looking out for our shipmates.  The same applies here.  This is war, like it or not.  

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I know John likes to look at the positive side of this, but to me, there is no positive side.  As of today, we are over 371,000 deaths. Many of the survivors end up with what may be lifelong health issues. And yes the suicide rate has climbed among our young, while people are lining up on opposite sides about what should be done. This is a world wide problem and we are not the only country enforcing lockdowns. People are suffering, not only health issues, but financial issues and well, just putting food on the table is hard for many. I don't like lockdowns but it seems that is the only way we can get people to do what needs to be done.

We're still waiting for the full impact of the Christmas and New Years holidays.

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11 hours ago, Al B said:

As of today, we are over 371,000 deaths.


It's completely sad Al, one is too many, if the world were perfect, this would never happen, but we can thank China for unleashing this bio mess upon our earth, they should pay a hefty price but they never do. This isn't the first time, and it won't be the last they do this, accidental or not, I'll leave that up for another discussion on some political forum.


Just to put some of it in perspective, I don't even know if that's the right word "perspective", it's becoming harder to choose my words wisely while commenting on this mess without being seen as some cold hearted overly pragmatic human being.

655,000 Americans die each year of heart disease, according to the CDC, and the hot zones for those numbers are the entire southeast eastern half of the nation, because y'all in the south love to eat all the greasy biscuits and gravy for breakfast every morning, the midwest loves those greasy casseroles, and the eastern seaboard is all Calzones and fancy desserts!

So 1 American dies every 36 seconds of heart disease, and Cancer runs a close second. The difference in the diseases for our purpose of discussion, is one "Covid" is infectious, the other "heart disease" is not. But it appears heart disease is deadlier at this point anyway, I pray to God we don't match heart disease numbers with this Covid, we won't though, Dr. Faucci stated he expects this to be done by the end of Spring or Summer and the spike will subside and the number of infections and deaths will be considerably lower between this temporary spike and Summer and we'll have millions vaccinated by summer and heard immunity will have started to take effect. 


I guess what I am saying is, I hope after this Covid mess is over, we turn our focus over to heart disease, because 655,000 Americans is too many considering heart disease is 99 percent avoidable if we make the correct lifestyle choices, so I would expect our government to tell us what to eat, drink, how to exercise and how much and when to exercise. I am being half serious here, they already do PSA's regarding healthy lifestyles, we should really buckle down on folks, and tell them how to live so we can prevent all that heart disease out there that is killing 1 American every 36 seconds. 

Cuz out here in the west, say what you want about us (but for Nevada, they seem to be doing horrible along with parts of CA) but we are a pretty healthy lot, we exercise, we eat fruits and nuts for breakfast :lol: and avocado sandwiches for lunch, and we ride our bikes to the store and back and we run on the beach, you all out there are sinking our numbers and you all may even be effecting my health insurance rates!


Just trying to lighten it up a little guys. :)


Heart disease stats seen here:




Learn facts about how race, ethnicity, age, and other risk factors can contribute to heart disease risk.


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2 hours ago, John Morris said:


655,000 Americans die each year of heart disease, according to the CDC


Heart disease stats seen here:




Learn facts about how race, ethnicity, age, and other risk factors can contribute to heart disease risk.


 Guess we can all agree that heart disease is the number one killer, and I for one am keenly aware that most of it is from our own dietary habits. I underwent quadruple bypass surgery about 21 years ago. My arteries were severely clogged.  Doctors removed veins from my legs to replace the clogged arteries around the heart. I was told that my heart stopped beating during surgery which took several hours.  Except for people with generic heart problems, death at a younger age can be easily prevented, but life can be a bit depressing if you spend your time worrying about the foods you enjoy or avoid doing the things you enjoy. Some people like mountain climbing  or motorcycle riding, skiing etc, and people die in accidents while enjoying these activities. Death is inevitable, but longevity can be extended if we do what we know what we have to do, and do them. I still enjoy my "occasional" steak,and pastries,and even a donut occasionally, but I don't pig out on them like I used to do. I believe most of the damage we inflict upon ourselves is during our younger years , when we feel we are invincible and then we spend our mature adult lives, living the consequences.

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I think as mature adults we can all agree there are a number of "killers" out there, heart disease being top among them.

And while COVID will get under control eventually, although I'm not 100% confident it will ever truly go away, the long-term effects for many may well overshadow our more regular terrors. It just may not look that way, when some of the effects are on the brain or lungs for example. This may be examples of the more "silent killers" that don't get reported on the same, as they're not as high profile.




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The infection rate for our county has increased from 17.8% to 19%.  Death rates are increasing for our county and decreasing for the state as a whole.  


Yes, John, much of our problems are preventable, even if we inherit genetic traits.  We don't escape those genetic traits, but we can extend our lives and have healthier lives by our mobility and diet.  My doctor recommends walking at least 2 miles per day every day.  I don't.  Often I don't have the time with a wife in a power chair depending on me for almost every move.  And, to add to that, I often have the grandchildren to cook and clean for, assist them with their schoolwork and that is a heart attack waiting to happen.  Woodworking is my therapy. 


Also, remember, that a very large portion of the population of the Southeast are migrant retirees from the northern states.  The weather here is better, fewer tornadoes, rarely snow or sleet and the is conducive to getting outdoors to exercise, even if it is only gardening.  And, we changed our health diet in 1975 by becoming vegetarian.  We eat more vegetables, some pasta, some casseroles, nuts and fruits.  I have a small clog building on one of the heart arteries and I have some regular dizziness.  However, my doctor is always surprised by my lab work.  I am a Type II diabetic but my A1C is about 5.5.  So, it seems that I am doing the close to the right things with a moderate blood pressure, still able to sit and stand upright, eat 3 meals daily, can still do work that many other younger folks can't do because of their health.  So prevention is much better than most cures.  

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I know seven people around my age who had the virus.  Two are dead, one has lung problems even though he never smoked, one now has heart problems he didn't have before, one has not been able to smell or taste anything for three months now, one is fatigued easily and one is doing okay.  Even though the majority didn't die.........

The younger crowd hasn't had as bad a time with it.

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Knock on wood!!!! No one in our immediate family or In Law Families have caught the Covid bug. Although, a couple believe they may have, early on. One of our DILs is a flight attendant, we worry about her. She's one of the ones who feels she's had the virus way back in June. 

We all follow the rules about masking, hand washing and social distancing. But, 79 years with out a mask is a hard habit to break. More often than not, I get to the door of a business and have to return to the vehicle for a mask. Yesterday, I was returning to the truck from Lowes and,  a guy my age saw me do the U turn at the door and, said " Forgot it again, didn't ya". 

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