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John Morris

Covid19 Check In

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Wisconsin's Governor is issuing a state wide mask mandate.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see if the state legislature tries suing again.

There will be a new judge on the state supreme court Saturday. 


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1,059 new confirmed cases in Wisconsin bringing the state totals to 52,185 confirmed cases with 922 deaths.

Our counties totals 2,374 confirmed cases with 51 deaths.

The state legislature has already stated they will challenge the Governors mask mandate stating it isn't necessary.

Hopefully they'll go into a packed bar and drink some more Kool-Aid.

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3 hours ago, Gene Howe said:

There's a story that goes with that picture.  Kinda sad, kinda funny, too.


I read that article.  Yeah I can understand the point they claim to be making.  If indeed that is true.  Wrong symbol for that though.  And the Battle Flag ain't working either.  


Here in Georgia we do not have a mandatory mask order statewide.  But we have various cities that have mandated mask.  So if you leave from my county we have no mandatory mask.  Arrive at work in Dekalb County and they do.  So people at gas stations are having these all in your face types laying in wait and then running up the second you get out of your car.  And then the fighting starts.  1st thing in the morning with no coffee, people are going to be less than polite.  Running up on them like that, that is almost stalking.   At the gas station across from work a guy decked some couple that we could hear screaming at him.  Seems they grabbed him and pushed him across his truck about not wearing a mask. The Police came, but the couple didn't want to do anything because the Police told them they too would go to jail for initiating the assault.      

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8 hours ago, Al B said:

Total covid deaths as of today is 153,157. That's an increase of 1328 deaths since yesterday.

The number of deaths keeps growing but could be worse.  Thanks to new and better treatments less are dying. 

New York        Cases 414,370   Deaths 32,683

Florida            Cases 461,379   Deaths 6709

California        Cases 485502    Deaths 8909


Apparently we learned how to save more lives which is great.  Too bad we didn't learn to keep the case numbers under control.

New York is doing an amazing job keeping their new cases under control.  Ohio has been recording double what they are recording.


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I can't go to Church, but protestors and rioters can gather in masses, and do what they do. Because they have rights. Isn't religion somewhere in that Constitution of ours? It's things like that, that make many of us just go, huh? So how serious does the government take this whole thing? Mainly governors. I can't go worship with my people, peacefully, quietly, safely, with all kinds of proposed cautions in place, but they get to create havoc and sweat all over each other, spit all over, throw piss bottles through the air, and destroy property, because their rights need to be protected.


Sorry guys, woke up feeling a tad tired this morning, of it all. That being said, we are one of those families that follow the rules, and keep it safe, but the hypocrisy is making many of us insane.

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