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Wednesday's Wisdom For Woodturners April, 8 2020

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Thank you, Lew and Gunny for the kind words.  I did not expect that as I did not remember what the day was.  I gave the unfinished ornament to the guy who brought the wood.  I wanted his wife to have the joy of finishing to her liking.  I explained that the hole in the top would allow for some fishing line or other hanging device to go through.  And, she can add beads or whatever else she can fit through openings and have them hang inside.  It was fun and I have more in the pipeline.  Also, more ideas.  Different woods and stains coming.  

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13 minutes ago, Purpleheartguy said:

Thanks so, much for all the great content. I'm gonna try to make the long worth chuck. How did you figure out spacing and where to put the slide holes for the grip?

Do a google search for "make a Longworth chuck" and you will see plenty of videos and plans.


Lew I see you got another packed post going on here ....Good Job

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@FrederickH Thank You!


@Woodbutcherbynight Thanks! Wanna see that ornament when finished!!


@HandyDan Thank You!


@FlGatorwood Thanks! I was typing this when I saw your post. I appreciate being able to add it to this weeks Wednesday's...


@Purpleheartguy Thank You! I'm adding a PDF to this entry that shows how to make one. As Gerald said, lots of videos out there. The one I made is sort of a combination of many sources. 

   Construction of a Longworth Chuck.pdf


@Gerald Thanks! And, thanks for response to @Purpleheartguy.

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1 hour ago, Purpleheartguy said:

Lew, I downloaded the pdf and I'm gonna try to build one tomorrow.  Thanks so much!! I wish I had found you all when I first got out of the military! You've all been a blessing and a great motivator for me.

As Flgatorwood said, we are glad you found us. We really enjoy the friendship of the new members. Thank you for your service, Brother. 

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