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My first inside out ornament

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I forgot to mention that the inside was finished with wipe on poly.  I did wipe out the sanding dust before I gave it away.  Looking forward to seeing what she does with it.  I now know that I will make these longer so I can make finials.  That, too, will be a first.  


Thank you, everyone, for the kind words and encouragement.  

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Ron, you are so right.  Now, I am wondering how to do different designs.  I want to make a snowman, a tree and cross window.  And, I want to add finials to the bottom with a teaser finial on top.  Yes, I think I got hooked.  And, the old man brought me more mahogany.  I may even make windows in pens.  Thinking on that.  :D


Taking a detour at the moment.  Making a cedar box for a widow who also lost her first born last November.  She wants a box to keep his graduation cap and some of his badges.  Need to cut more cedar.  Won't be any competition for Steven Newman.  :P

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@HandyDan, thank you for the explanation.  I do understand.  Now let's see if I can adapt to the practical arts.  :D  That is always the hardest parts.  I will show them when I get a chance to do them.  I really do appreciate the explanation and will do my best to imitate it.  

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@HandyDan, I am going to give credit or blame.  As I posted that you opened the imagination station, so I made another attempt.  Sorry, Gerald, I forgot to make a template.  Will try to remember that.  On this, I forgot to finish the inside before I glued it together.  So, I'll start with the coffin appearing block.  More mahogany wood.  



Cross ornament A.jpg

You can see I was a bit sloppy with the glue.



Cross ornament B.jpg


Ok, next pic is on the Shopsmith.  Turned one end and turned it around.  Next slide.


Cross ornament bottom.jpg


At this point, I toyed with the idea of inserting a small LED, but not smart enough yet to know what to get and how to insert it.  


Cross ornament top.jpg


Learned this little trick from Eddie Castelin.  This shelving stuff prevents the damage while making a good strong grip.  And, it is not in the way of the tools or won't cause knuckle busting.  

before sanding.jpg


About to do final sanding.  After sanding, will take a few days to get wipe on poly.  This is going to a lady across the street who lost her first born son last fall.  I am in the process of building her a keep sake box made from solid cedar.  Thank you, @HandyDan.  I have some adjustments to make and plenty of room for improvements.  Now, Artie, get that Shopsmith out and start making some shavings.  :Laughing:

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