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HEIC photos

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Thanks for the heads up Ron.  I have an Iphone - I will watch out for that update.


Photos have been a huge problem for me with the Mac.  All of my pics use to be arranged in date order - then a couple updates occurred and they were (seemingly) in alphabetical order?  I mean why wouldn't April 2019 come before May 2003?  Now, they just seem to be in a random scrambled order:(

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57 minutes ago, Gene Howe said:

 I've just learned how to operate wife's cell phone. She says it has a camera. Who knew?

I still don't know all the crap on a flip phone. 

I have no interest in anything with a touch screen (wife's new phone) they don't see me. :Tapping:


:ChinScratch:..But I bet it would see the tree I'd be "Frisbee" style throwing it at in less than 5 minutes! :TwoThumbsUp:

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 I read where it was  changes made to iphone 10 or newer. My old iphone 6 was fine with me, until I dropped it. My daughter gave me her old iphone 10 when her employer bought his management a newer one. It took a lot for me to adjust to the simple things........not to mention the complex ones

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