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Acrylics turning and reverse rake

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Try some Corian, turns much better and with very little chipping.   Never had hit a void that I can recall.  So much easier to work with than acrylic.  Once I had gotten a good hand with the Corian I ventured back into the acrylics.  Corian can be glued just like wood except you use CA.  Laminate it any direction, angles mix with wood but use CA.   Much less frustrating.  :TwoThumbsUp: 

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13 minutes ago, lew said:



Where are you purchasing your acrylic blanks?

 I got them at Rocklers. I assume the same companies supplies most of the wood stores. The last time I visited Wood craft, their selection was limited. I also have to say that I got these pieces a couple of years ago and this was my last larger piece. Suppliers may have changed since.

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There lots of places making turning blancs. Not sure how these prices compare to what you have previously purchased.





I have been playing with Alumilite casting resin. It is really easy to turn-


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 Thanks Lew, I think I'll stay away from acrylics for a while. I think I'll practice social acrylics distancing by making some bird houses. The sun and hail have beat the old one badly.

I was cleaning out the old bird nests today and discovered an old bees nest  with one active bee on it. It was hooked on where I didn't put the teflon sheet.  I'm out of teflon this year I may try those baking sheets my wife uses. They are super slick and I don't think the nests will stick. Will let you know.

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