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Fred W. Hargis Jr

Harbor Freight to the rescue

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i had a package i was expecting (temp sensitive stuff) and it didn't show up.   turned out whomever was supposed to deliver it to my door had apparently come part way up my drive and then crossed over to my neighbor's place and left the package in front of his barn.   :angry:


you can't make this stuff up.:BangingHead:

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17 hours ago, FlGatorwood said:

When you get the wrong mail, it is probably a fill in carrier.  Either way, it is sloppy and unacceptable.  Anytime you get wrong mail, just put it back in the box and write "Not at this address."  They then have to do their job.  They should find these misfits and get rid of them.  

:ChinScratch:...The way I would interpret "Not at this address" is that the person the piece is addressed to doe's not live at the address that the item is addressed to. 


The local Postmaster called me after the package was delivered yesterday, and asked if I had received the item on the 25th. I told her I received it in the mail today (yesterday) and she said it was reported delivered the 25th, not 26th. She told me she had a good talk with the route driver, and asked me why..." I hadn't just called to report the problem". :JawDrop::BangingHead:

Her voice got rather nervous when I informed her that I had left a message on the answering machine last Friday, and talked with someone Monday morning and told her that I was told that the person was too busy, and that I would get a call back in about a half hour but was never called back.

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