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Fred W. Hargis Jr

Do your census yet??

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We got our on-line password last Friday, so I went ahead and filled it out.....took maybe 10 minutes. A little disappointing, since I was killing time. Besides, I wanted to see all the personal questions that some were (apparently) protesting; didn't find any. I am wondering, they threaten to come to the house if you don't comply (a paper version is mailed to those who don't go on line). I wonder if that's changed with the current circumstances.

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As some of you may remember, our son has been fighting colon cancer for about two years now. ANY infection at this point could be fatal! As a result, my wife and I are the only ones allowed to visit, and it is essential that we have no contact with anyone else. Our daughter leaves groceries at our front door, but stays twenty feet down the driveway to speak to us. :( Hopefully this will all blow over before long.


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Responded to the census the day it came in the mail.  I didn't have a problem with the race questions as I am a certified mutt.  Had my DNA done last year and I am truly an international person.  :D  But when it came to the country of origin, I should have said "American" as I am 6th generation born American.  I would hope that would put their knickers in a wad.  :lol:


Income taxes: Did TurboTax through my credit union.  The IRS has already received it and I should get back about enough to buy a tank of gas by April 5, 2020.  Here in Florida, we have no state income tax and H&R Block and TurboTax don't know that.  Until about mid 80's, we didn't have tax on food or medicine.  Now, it if is over the counter

medicine or ready to eat food, it is taxed.  


John, I am so thankful that you still have a job and to me that is the perfect environment.  I hope you and your family are safe during this.  And, that goes for all others here that you and your families are free from this dreaded illness.  


Totally off topic: If this hydroxychoroquine works I am stealing some from the wife.  She has taken 200 mg per day since 1993.  She won't miss it.  And, if anyone is taking this drug or Plaquenil, you need to see an opthamologist annually to ensure the retina is attached to the back of the eye.  It can ruin your eyes, or kill your liver or kidneys.  :(

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