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Most of the days, we have had afternoon showers.  While painting, the winds would feel cooler than the regular temp.  The last few days, we are under severe heat warnings.  Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, southern Alabama (the part they took from Florida) and the Florida panhandle are all under this severe or excessive heat warning.  Heat indices are in excess of 110.  I have never acclimated to this temp in the last 50 years.  Giving up on that dream.  

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Another day that you could cook on the sidewalk.  This afternoon, another thunderstorm came close, gentle breezes cooled down from 94 to about 84.  Felt cool.  Edged the front yard.  Will finish basic painting tomorrow.  It is supposed to rain.  According to the weather folks, we in the southeast are supposed to get a cooler summer because of the rain.  I would hate to have a hot summer.  :D

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The last couple days reached about 90 with overcast and sprinkling rain.  You get a few minutes of sprinkles and then nothing but hot humidity.  Anyway, most of the house is painted.  The remainder is under the front porch in the shade.  We have a cool front hanging around over us causing unstable weather.  Plan to trim paint and pull out the Shopsmith and wax and tune.  I am sure it is feeling neglected.  :P

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1 hour ago, Fred W. Hargis Jr said:

If Gene thinks it's hot, then you know it's REALLY hot!:throbbinghead:

124° is just too much of a good thing.:D We'll see 110° today. That's approaching that 'too much' area. At around 115°, it becomes a mite uncomfortable for me. But, unlike poor old @John Morris, I don't have to work outside in it. With a couple large fans and a portable A/C, the 'almost shop' stays about 20° cooler than outside. Shop work usually begins around 05:00 and ends by 13:00 or so. The higher temps hit around 15:00. By then, I'm usually firmly ensconced in my recliner, taking a nap in the house at 75°.

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