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Looks like the heavy rain is done for a while. But, with it gone, so goes these nice, cool days. We'll see sunshine and 96° today. In a couple days, everything will be back to normal, drier than a popcorn fart. But, it was fun while it lasted.

I got a Dr.s appointment at 11:00. Hopefully, the waters have receded a good bit by, then.


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46% humidity here. That's to be expected, with all the rains we've had. And, 46% ain't all that terrible. It'll drop to 15% tomorrow. Had to go into town through numerous dips, washes and low areas. A bit dicey in some spots. Water's all gone but the residue...mud and brush... makes for interesting driving. 

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Gene, so happy that you were able to make your trip without any serious events.  


For all the southerners with this high heat and humidity, please stay close to a shade tree or the inside with a glass of lemonade nearby.  Any alcohol will make you dehydrate quickly so save that until the evening.  


Yep, we don't have the heat wave that Gerald has, but close.  I have drunk most of a gallon of water today.  Only 93 today and the hummugity is 88 percent.  Oh, the Dog days of summer.  

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Back to the high 90s and 100 degree days for a while, with mostly sun filled days. News says this has been the wettest July on record. Took us from "Catastrophic Drought" to just "Extreme Drought. Very little chance of rain in the 10 day forecast. But, the monsoon season lasts to mid August. Hopefully, we'll see more rain. 

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19 hours ago, Kenny Tarmack said:

I'm firing up the snow blower, less than 8" of sunlight in Central Wisconsin, little chill in the air

Wait until tonight, forecast calls for possible severe weather. :BlackCloud:

8:45 AM 78° forecast high of 88°, Humidity 75%, Dewpoint 68°.

Already getting into the uncomfortable range. :Hot:

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