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Looking at the weather map our TV stations present, I don't think you have to send, its scheduled to go there on it's own (at least a piece of it). Still not sure it will close the shop doors tho'.

...More like insulated (long john) shirt over tee shirt followed by heavy flannel shirt, followed by sweat shirt, followed by thermal hoodie, followed by insulated coverall suit.   

Upper 20s and mostly cloudy today.  Winter storm warnings starting 1:00AM Monday and lasting into Tuesday.  6"-10" of snow predicted.  

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13 minutes ago, Larry Buskirk said:

You'll have to talk to Mother Nature, or maybe do a "Rain Dance" .

Watched a Zuni rain dance last summer. Asked one of the tribe if it worked. Her taciturn response was "Sometimes". So, we don't count on rain dances. ;)

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4:40 PM tornados hopefully have passed, still under severe thunderstorm warnings.

The city of Walworth in Walworth County has street flooding due to receiving 5-6" of rain in 1 hour.

Camp Lake about 12 miles southwest of us has trees, and powerlines down along with flooding.

Still raining real heavy here with strong winds.


@Fred W. Hargis Jr want me to send some your way?

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Larry, Fred and Dan, I like the temps you folks dealt with last week.  I wish we had it that cool.  Mowed this yard this past Thursday and mowed the 1.6 acres on Friday.  The larger parcel is done on a Toro riding mower so it is not hot nor hard to push.  I sit and push or pull sticks.  But, in the mid-90's with a heat index in the 100's, it is hard to work.  This is air you can wear.  It appears we may have activity in the Atlantic Ocean or commotion in the Ocean.  

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Well, Larry's storm got to us last night about 9:00P. No tornadoes, but we did have 60 MPH winds. That's nothing compared to what they got from it in Hiawatha IA...they recorded 100 MPH+ there. It was a 700 mile track of a derecho....a straight line wind storm. It left a huge trail of wind damage, but by the time it got to us there was no rain! cursing.gif. So we're at a very humid 67º this morning, and no real rain for the next several days.

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@Fred W. Hargis Jr, & @HandyDan,


Don't know what to tell you guys. It was pretty crazy around here. :wacko:


66° @ 8:45 AM with humidity of 83%, and a dewpoint of 60°. Forecast high of 82°


Have to go out and see if any damage here. There were a lot of trees down a few miles west of us.

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