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Weatherwise, yesterday was a doozy. Winds, reached 40, MPH. I had a 16:00 appt. in town....17 mi. (39 minutes) through the mountains...on the return trip I hit rain, sleet, hail, grauple, (what our we

Looking at the weather map our TV stations present, I don't think you have to send, its scheduled to go there on it's own (at least a piece of it). Still not sure it will close the shop doors tho'.

...Around here we only have two seasons, Winter, & Road Construction.    ....Started out at freezing, up to 34° headed for ....48° and SUNNY! ...

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This morning about 0700, we had a light rain for about 2 hours.  We had plenty of lightning and crackling thunder but hardly a breeze.  Tomorrow morning, about the same time, we have the possibility of hail and tornadoes.  Fifty years ago, there was rarely a tornado, but they are increasing in recent years.  Eleven year old granddaughter broke into sobs when she heard the weather forecast.  She will be fine.  

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It's 55º this morning...our average high for this time of year. We did have some rain pass over again last night, and we get some storms this afternoon. We will be in the upper 60s today, adn sunshine this morning before the clouds move back in. I did catch a blip on Weathernation, in Orange Beach AL they had softball sized hail yesterday. The northern gulf coast region seems to be getting really pounded hard with these spring storms.

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Orange Beach, AL is about 20 miles west of us.  I didn't see any local reports of that size hail, but we did have some.  This morning about 0530, we had pea sized hail, twisting winds in excess of 66 mph and about 2 to 3 inches of rain in about 30 minutes.  We have more coming tomorrow.  Many folks and businesses were without electricity for half the day.  

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After raining all day yesterday, we start today at 48º and get to the lower 60s...but it should be drying out. The rest of the week looks good and I need that. All the rain we've had the last 2-3 days has caused the grass and weeds to explode. So I'll be mowing for the first time this year.

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35 minutes ago, Fred W. Hargis Jr said:

All the rain we've had the last 2-3 days has caused the grass and weeds to explode. So I'll be mowing for the first time this year.


:huh: ... You just had to say that didn't you? :Tapping:

:BlackCloud:@ 6:20AM 47° now forecast high 48° with off/on :BlackCloud:

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