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31 minutes ago, Gunny said:

Any places for sale near you??

Nope. Unlike our old place where cheap land was plentiful, around here it's scarce and far from cheap! We're surrounded by either federal or state owned land. We consider ourselves to be darned lucky to find this place at the price we paid. I'd venture to say there aren't more than 5 places for sale within 20 miles. Heck, we can't drive more than 5 miles without being on some sort of government owned land. Not really surprising. Only 15% of AZ is privately held. 

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...More like insulated (long john) shirt over tee shirt followed by heavy flannel shirt, followed by sweat shirt, followed by thermal hoodie, followed by insulated coverall suit.   

I hurt just thinking about that!

...Reminds me of the time they had to close the plant a few years back. The people that lived in town called in saying they couldn't make it in to work. Four of us that live out in the count

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Rain and thunder for a couple hours this morning.  Glad lawn is mowed.  Temps got up to about 80 today, cooling into the upper 60's by daylight tomorrow.  Pecans are leafing and blooming, clementine is setting fruit, figs putting on, mulberry has berries, time to dig the garden for the red potatoes.  Actually, a bit late.  Rain most of the day on Saturday.  April showers bring May flowers.  

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