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We're forecast for wind chills of -35°. 

76° today. We really do have 4 seasons. It's just hard to see the differences. 

Get out of my wardrobe.  

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2 hours ago, Fred W. Hargis Jr said:

I just caught the noon news, despite only getting maybe 1" of snow so far, the forecast is for us (my slice of America) to get 8.28" (that's actually what he said) when all is said and done. he stormtrack seems to be shifting slightly. Of course that's better than the city that about 20 miles west...they will get 9.37". This forecast stuff seems to be a lot more precise.:Laughing:


:ChinScratch:...I was going to say you can have it it's all yours, but they just changed ours to...:CoveringEyes:



We did make it to 8° WC -10°

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Yesterday evening they move our projected snow total up to 11+", and I'm guessing they are pretty close to correct. We appeared to be snowed in this morning....and while the total sucks it's really the drifts that are going to be the headache. This light fluffy stuff is piled everywhere this morning. It's 13º, with a WC of -1º so the clearing process is just not going to be fun. Our county is on what's called a Level 2 snow emergency, meaning only travel when absolutely necessary. We have an adjacent county under Level 3 (roads closed to all but emergency vehicles). Fun stuff....but it does look like this will end by Sunday and we get back to above normal temps!:Cheer:

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Cleared the drive and made a spot for the dog in the backyard. My walk behind snow thrower handled it, but it was at the limit of it's capability. Some of the drifts I cut through were 3', about 10" more than the thrower can cut. Our drive isn't that large, but it still took 90 minutes to get 'er done. I may have to pull out the big gun this afternoon, I do have a 50" snowthrower that hangs on the back of our tractor..I kinda wished I used it this morning...but it was in the shop storage room and the tractor is in the garage, separated by about 120' and all those drifts. Just another brilliant decision on my part. :BangingHead: I haven't used that thrower since we moved to this house, never needed it till now.

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