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On 12/17/2020 at 5:32 AM, Fred W. Hargis Jr said:

To this midwestern boy one of the funnier things I've ever seen is the snow plows mounted on garbage  trucks in New York City.

City of Kenosha has been doing this for a few years now.


36° now forecast high of 42°.

Forecast for Thursday high of 24° low of 11°

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...Reminds me of the time they had to close the plant a few years back. The people that lived in town called in saying they couldn't make it in to work. Four of us that live out in the count

I hurt just thinking about that!

We're forecast for wind chills of -35°. 

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That snow you folks got will make a really slushy mess for the next week or so.  Good thing you don't have to mow.  


Friday morning, we were down to 34 F and had a high of 58 F.  Today, we started off about 44 and will reach about 62.  Overcast with warming trend until tomorrow when we get more rain.  Then the next week will be in the upper 60's and lower 70's for Christmas.  


We have a young couple from Omaha, NE to move in on the east side of us.  They went back to Omaha yesterday and sent me a picture via text.  About 1 inch of snow on the grass.  The driveways and streets are clear.  But, it is very pretty from here.  Just as long as they keep it there.  LOL

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Still dreary this morning, but a little warmer (38º) and should get into the 40s. Maybe light rain today, and maybe light rain tomorrow. I did see on Christmas Day we have a clipper coming trough that drops the bottom out of the temps....but it ain't gonna be a white Christmas....just a cold one.

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About 44 this morning at 0700, will get up to 58 today with scattered showers finishing off the rain we had overnight.  Clearing later this afternoon, with the next 3 days getting into the lower 60's.  Christmas day is supposed to be cold.  And, they want us to gather with family and friends outside.  I don't think so.  

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Just another dreary day, I guess. Yesterday the sun did peek out late in the day, was kinda nice actually. With today being the winter solstice, the daylight hours will start increasing; that's also good news. But it's 36º now and climbing into the low 40s...still supposed to be cloudy all day. Tomorrow is supposed to be a lot nicer (sunny).

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Winter doldrums are certainly here. May have some sun this morning, but ten clouds and rain this afternoon, turning to snow overnight....but not enough (here) to be much of a problem. Looks like those to the east of us may have a white Christmas. Anyway, 34º right now, and we may hit 50 today before the bottom drops out. At least it was clear enough last night to see the leftovers of the Great Conjunction, that thing where Jupiter and Saturn look very close together. The night before we were socked in.

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